About Us

Find out more about the founders of this tribe.

The Start

Fixbit was born out of an innovation programme at Connect Enterprises that closely follows Kickbox, Adobe’s Open Source innovation methodology.

Adobe's red box and white kickbox label
fist pumping team
The Fixbit team

Experience and gumption

The team steering Fixbit to fruition is a diverse group of professionals accounting for several decades of professional experience in the context of technology applied to a broad spectrum of business sectors, and are currently serving at Connect Enterprises in several technical or managerial roles.

The environment

Connect Enterprises

Connect Enterprises has Head-Quarters in Lisbon, Portugal and offices in the UK and the US, delivering nearshoring, program management, and technology architecture services to several organisations for more than 10 years.

With a 250-person team, serves more than 60 clients in 15 different countries across multiple industries.

Connect Enterprises has recently recentered its strategy based on their manifesto, which states; “We will invest in projects that have the recovery of the planet in mind and connect with people to raise awareness; connect with scientists to find and represent solutions that invest and develop technologies to fight the wrongdoing we are doing to the planet earth.”

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